Refrigerator RemovalRefrigerator Removal

Get rid of your old Refrigerator, so it doesn’t cause any safety issues

One of the heaviest appliance in your home is the refrigerator and the freezer. As long as these work, they are easy to deal with. The day that they stop working or that you need to buy a new one, is the day you realize how massive these things can be. They are difficult to move. If you try to get rid of them on your own, you better go out and look for some help from friends or relatives.
Even if you do manage to get the refrigerator out of your home, it is not safe to simply put it on the curb and wait for the local trash service to pick it up. It often takes a long time for this to happen in fact it will never happen. If you have not properly secured the refrigerator when you place it outside, it can be a hazard to children and others that may decide to see if they can fit inside. That is why you need to find a refrigerator removal service that can take care of your old refrigerator in a hurry.

What do we do?
We can pick up your old refrigerator from curbside or we can remove it from your home or business. The choice is up to you. Once we have picked up the refrigerator from you, we will make sure that it is disposed of properly. That means that we will make sure any harmful chemicals are removed and that any parts that can be recycled will be recycled. We are committed to the three r’s of waste removal. We want to make sure we recycle, reuse and reduce whenever we can and this includes the refrigerator removal and any other large appliances.

Call for an appointment
Customer service plays a large role in what we do. We make it easy to call and make an appointment for a pickup of an old refrigerator. We can provide service within 245 hours from our fully licensed, bonded and insured employees. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes before our employees arrive, you will get a phone call telling you they are close. This will keep you from having to wait around all day for a technician to arrive. Once we get there we will get work done quickly and professionally. It is the easiest way to get rid of the big appliance that you no longer need.

What are the rates?
Refrigerator removal rates are based on a flat fee that is as low as $80. There is a discount for curbside pickup available. For an estimate on the cost of your refrigerator removal, call ahead to ask and to set the appointment for the refrigerator removal.

If you want to make sure that your old refrigerator is picked up and hauled away properly, you need to turn to our professional services. Do not risk any other method of disposal of this type of appliance comprar cialis andorra. Mistakes can be costly and our professionals are trained to do the job the right way every time.