Removal Rates For Trash

Surcharges   may apply for removal from your attic, basement, crawlspace or home. If in   doubt, just call for a quote. We are typically able to quote over the phone   and are accurate at least 9 out of 10 times. May be additional environmental   charges rates for trash removal are subject to onsite approval. Normal Size or weight  Extra Heavy 

Dallas Metroplex & Fort Worth Rates for trash removal

Dallas Metroplex & Fort Worth Rates for trash removal

12 Cubic   Yard Dumping Trailer & Pickup Bed

Overload   (approximately 16 cubic yards)$500.00$600.00
Level Load   (12+ cubic yards)$400.00$500.00
3/4 Load$325.00$425.00
1/2 Load$250.00$350.00
1/4 Load$125.00$225.00
Single   Items (see list for examples below)$50.00$90.00
Minimum   Charge$50.00$90.00
 Rates for trash removal

Single   Item Pricing

1-seater   Couch or Chair-and-a-half$50.00$90.00
2-seater   Couch or Loveseat$60.00$100.00
3-seater   Couch$80.00$110.00
Fridge or   Freezer$80.00$100.00
Mattress   or box spring – single to queen – per piece$50.00$70.00
Mattress –   king size$70.00$80.00
Washer or   Dryer$50.00$70.00
 Rates for trash removal

Brick,   Concrete, Dirt or Rock Disposal

Maximum   per load is 2 Cubic Yards +$400.00$500.00
3/4 Load   (1.5 – 2 Cubic Yards)$300.00$425.00
1/2 Load   (1 – 1.5 Cubic Yards)$250.00$325.00
1/4 Load   (minimum to 1 Cubic Yard)$100.00$275.00
Curbside   only – additional labour charges for loads that need to be wheel-barrowed
 Rates for trash removal

Yard   Waste, Brush & Tree Branches

Overload   (approximately 16 cubic yards)$400.00$500.00
Level Load   (12+ cubic yards)$350.00$425.00
3/4 Load$250.00$325.00
1/2 Load$150.00$250.00
1/4 Load$100.00$175.00
Minimum   Charge$50.00$90.00
Creosote   Treated Lumber add surcharge of 50%
Drywall   add surcharge of 50%