Property Cleanup or Trash Out Service.

At Texas Trash Haulers we work with real estate agents, property managers, REO agents, investors, and homeowners to provide property cleanup and junk removal/recycling services or otherwise known as trash out service. Texas Trash Haulers will send our trucks with our uniformed and professionally trained crew to your residential or commercial property. The company will perform property cleanup services for apartments, houses, condos, garages, mobile homes, and even storage units. We will remove any and all large items from anywhere on the property including appliances, furniture, general household items, electronics, and even yard debris.

We will then remove all smaller items from drawers, shelves, floors, etc, by bagging them and loading onto our trucks. All items in good condition will be separated for donation to charities and thrift stores. Next, the recyclable items are separated and taken to state-approved recycling centres. The remaining items will be carefully and properly disposed of at landfills.  Because Texas Trash Haulers property Cleanup Service is committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service while protecting our community and the environment, we recycle and donate any and all reusable materials from our trash-out projects including, but not limited to, appliances, scrap metals, wood, electronics, furniture, clothing, landscaping, and more.

When getting your home ready to be put on the market (Market Ready), the number one important focus to attract a buyer is cleanliness.  Nothing puts off a potential buyer more than a home that is cluttered or dirty.  This is not only a huge deterrent, but could cause the buyer to look past some of the great features of your property, and could also cause them to undervalue the home. Texas Trash Haulers can help you by quickly and completely cleaning your home to give potential buyers the best first impression possible!

Texas Trash Haulers property cleanup Service specializes in a vast array of property preservation and trash out services designed to assist homeowners,  private investors, property management companies, and financial institutions with every aspect of getting a property market and/or rental ready. Our team can quickly clean and ready any private rental or foreclosed property for timely reintroduction to the market. We are committed to providing the most time efficient, cost-effective trash out services so that our clients can focus on selling their properties rather than doing the market-ready legwork Texas Trash can manage every aspect of your eviction or foreclosure trash out and property cleanup preservation needs. We offer 24 hours, 7 days a week service in an effort to accommodate the needs of our clients.