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Recycle your old mattress

It is great to get a new mattress. It might mean that you will get a better night’s sleep. The question that many people run into is what to do with the old mattress that you have replaced. A mattress is not something that you can put out for the trash men to pick up. It is usually too big. It is also difficult for many people to take the mattress to the dump unless they have a truck and some help. The difficulties involved in getting rid of an old mattress is why many people have them lying around in a basement, attic or storage shed. A great solution to this problem is to turn to a mattress removal service.

What is that comprar cialis andorra?

A mattress removal service is exactly what it sounds like. It is a business that will come to your home, pick up the old mattress and take it to a place where it can be disposed of properly. The owner of the mattress does not have to do much. Texas Haulers is ready to do most of the work for the mattress owner.

What We Offer
The owner of the mattress simply needs to call to make an appointment to have the old mattress picked up. Appointments are available for the same day that a call is made. Appointments can be made through our toll free phone number or they can be made online. Our service people will call you about 15 to 30 minutes before they get too your home to pick up the mattress. Once they get there, they will pick up the mattress and haul it away. There is nothing else for the owner of the mattress to worry about.
Of course some people may wonder what we do with the mattresses once we pick them up. There are many key parts to proper mattress removal and disposing of the old mattresses responsibly is one of them. We are committed to taking care of the environment and will work to recycle or donate any mattresses that we pick up. If that is not possible they will be taken to a waste site that is fully licensed and that operates in an environmentally responsible way.
Anytime an individual hires someone to do any work in their home, they need to make sure that the people doing the work are licensed, bonded and insured. Not checking these things out could end up costing a lot of money if someone is hurt on your property. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect the people that turn to our services.

What does it cost?
The big question that is often asked is the cost of the mattress removal. Mattresses and box springs can be picked up for as low as $50. That includes the pickup and disposal fee for the mattresses and box springs.

The next time you have a need for mattress removal, turn to the service that will do the job right. Our professionals know how to do the job the right way and to relieve the owner of an old bulky mattress of the burden that they have to carry until the mattress is gone.