Leaf Removal And Yard wasteLeaf removal and yard waste

Homeowners and businesses with yards understand that maintaining the property requires some hard work. Whether it is mowing the grass, raking the leaves or removing tress, the amount of work required to do these things can be extensive. While collecting all of the lawn waste is often difficult work, getting rid of the Leaf Removal And Yard waste does not have to be. Instead of packing all of the Leaf Removal And Yard waste up in bags and hauling it in the back of a car to the dump, consider using our Leaf Removal And Yard waste services instead.

What do we offer?

Once you have amassed a bunch of Leaf Removal And Yard waste, you can call us to take it away for you. We offer reasonable rates for the removal. We can provide a bin to use to collect the Leaf Removal And Yard waste from your yard and pick it up when you are done. If you would rather bag up the waste, we can pick that up as well.
Once we have picked up your yard waste, we make sure that it is disposed of properly. We make sure that any of the waste that we remove is taken care of in a way that does not harm the environment. We are committed to doing the right thing when it comes to waste removal.

What types of things are picked up?

Yard waste includes the trimmings from mowing the grass, the leaves that are collected, brush that has been trimmed, tree limbs that have been removed and the leftovers from any tree removal. We also include in this area wood that is being disposed of in a property and drywall materials that are no longer needed.
Not all of this waste can be dealt with in a simple fashion. If the yard waste that is collected includes treated lumber or wood treated with creosote, it has to be disposed of in the right manner. If it is not it can harm the environment or could cause harm to people. That is why it is important to turn to our professional service when it comes to the removal of lawn waste.

What do we charge?

The rates for removal of yard waste are based on the amount of waste that is to be picked up and hauled away. Rates have been set for ¼ loads, ½ loads, ¾ loads and full loads. For a complete list of the rates contact our office.
Fully Licensed, bonded and insured

All of our employees are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Waste removal can be dangerous work and this step will make sure that the homeowner is safe from any of the damages that may occur. We train our employees to do the job the right way, but are prepared for anything unexpected that may happen.

Call for appointment
If you need to remove the waste from your yard, give us a call for an appointment norsk-apotek.com. We can provide same day service and our drivers will call 15 to 30 minutes before they arrive. We will make sure that your waste is removed in a timely fashion.